Our services

We are experts in strategic communications and media, specializing in the fields of medicine-health, technology, sustainability issues, and research communication.

We work with both small and large companies. With us you can get help with everything from analysis and strategy to activities and following up.

We are result-oriented and help our customers achieve optimal business value. 

Some of the areas we work in are:

  • Marketing Communications and media relations
  • Digital strategies and social media
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • WebTV­ and podcast production
  • Web design
  • Launches
  • Newsletters, press releases and customer magazines
  • Crisis management and message training
  • Events

We are also offering courses in strategic communication

With a few tricks you can actually learn part of the communication consultant's work.

Much is about knowing when to go out with your information and to whom, to create good media relations and to understand how journalists works.

We tailor training programs in media communications, web, social media and PR.

We also offer crisis- and message training.